What's a Square?

Square (skwâr)

Something having an equal-sided rectangular form.
Just; equitable: a square deal
To bring into balance; settle: square up
  • Square

    A Square is the amount of money you deposit in your Savings Square account and/or your Checking Square account at SavingsSquare.com. And because SavingsSquare.com is an online product of Kirkpatrick Bank with no overhead and minimal paperwork, you get a square deal with no monthly fees and no minimum balances.

    Why Choose Savings Square?

  • Square Deals

    The more you square away, the more you make with SavingsSquare.com's high yield Savings Square account. You also get a square deal with a Checking Square account and the Dime Share program.

  • Easy Deposits

    Your Square can be connected to any checking or savings account. Any time you want to bulk up your Square, just transfer money in from one of your other accounts, sit back, and watch your money grow.

  • Easy Withdrawals

    Need to trim a little off your Square? Log on and use the Savings Square Internet Banking service to transfer money out to one of your other accounts.

  • New Accounts

    Please use the Open A New Account button to square up your accounts and start multiplying your money.

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