Savings Square®

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A Kirkpatrick Bank Product

What’s a Square?

Square (skwâr)

n. Something having an equal-sided rectangular form.

adj. Just; equitable: a square deal

v. To bring into balance; settle: square up

A square is the amount you deposit in your Savings Square Account. And because is an online product of Kirkpatrick Bank with no overhead and minimal paperwork, you get a square deal with a great rate, no monthly fees and no minimum balance. So, square up your account and start multiplying your money today.

why to choose

Why Choose Savings Square?

  • Square Deals

    The more you square away, the more you make with’s high yield Savings Square Account. Just click on Apply Now and follow the simple instructions.


  • Easy Deposits

    Each Savings Square Account can be connected to any checking account. Any time you want to bulk up Your Square, just transfer money from your checking or deposit a check with our mobile deposit feature, then sit back and watch your money grow!


  • Easy Withdrawals

    Need to trim a little off Your Square? Log on and use our Internet Banking service to transfer money back to your checking account.


Multiply Your Money

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Square One

Make an Account

It takes money to make money, but it only takes 10-15 minutes to open a new Savings Square. Open any Square with $200. F.D.I.C. insured. Start an Individual or Joint Square today by clicking Apply Now!

Square Two

Make it Final

Once you have filled out Your Square application and submitted it for approval, you will receive confirmation that Your Square is set up and ready to grow. If additional information is needed to establish Your Square, you will be notified that your application is ready to be completed.

Square Three

Make Money

Now you’re ready to grow. Logon to Your Square and set up a savings plan. You will automatically make money with the highest savings yield offered at See how easy it is to multiply your money with a Square!
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